I don't look like this anymore, the beard is gone;too much gray. My hair is also much longer. I don't want to relive my high school days but I am growing my hair to donate for a wig. It must be at least eight inches long so it probably won't be finished before April 2018. Thanks for your patience with my new but temporary look.
My name is Steve Aiken.  I have lived on the Island since 1991 and over 55 years in BC.  I am married with four grown children scattered between Victoria and Calgary.  My wife Denise, was my high school sweetheart and is an accountant with her own CGA/CPA firm in Parksville.  Together we have five grandchildren, one is nine, one is four, two are two (born on the same day, 1200 kms apart) and the last is one year, born on the same day as his sister and cousin, just a year later.  The baby in my yellow pages add is my first granddaughter, now four.
I attended Okanagan College in Kelowna for two years after graduating high school in 1973.  I studied art history, colour theory, drawing , painting and sculpture. I graduated with a diploma in fine arts.
I decided to be a denturist after working in sawmills and the oil field for seventeen years. In 1989 I attended Vancouver Community College in Vancouver   and graduated from the denturist program in 1991. That year I moved to Nanaimo, where I worked for a local denturist. In 1995 I opened my first clinic in Nanaimo and later a second clinic in Parksville. In 2016 we closed the Nanaimo clinic, believing that focusing on one location would be an advantage. We were right! Parksville has grown more than we thought it would. In the last ten years I have also taught denturism back in Vancouver at VCC. and served as an executive board member of the Denturist Association of British Columbia.
My hobbies include karaoke and occasionally singing in my church choir.

The additional courses that I have taken in the last few years include:

Lower denture design for increased suction; an introduction (2016)

Advanced Partial Design (2013)

Velscope oral health assessment training November 2011/2013

Simpler Implants

Locator Implants (Straumann)

Head and Neck Anatomy (VIU, Dental Hygiene Department, Credit Course 30 hours)

Implants & Dentures: Treatment Planning & Coordinating (Straumann)

Dental Implants and the Maximus System (Dr. Robert Wolanski 2012-2014)

Aesepsis for Denturists (Germiphene)

Patient Management

2013 Maxi-mini implants (Simpler Implants)

2014 Mini-implants: the basics (Dr. Paul Shaw-Wood)

2014 Mini Implants II (Dr. Harold Bergman)

2014 Dealing with Dementia (Ronnene Sharp)

I continue to produce small commissioned works of art for private collectors. The sculptures all look like dentures. That I consider my dentures works of art gives you some idea of the effort and detail that I put into each one. I would enjoy sculpting you a new, unique lifelike smile that both of us can be proud of. Call the Parksville office to book a complimentary, friendly initial consultation, they only take minutes and there is no obligation.  You will be warmly welcomed, the coffee is always on.

Nanaimo                                                                             Parksville
The Nanaimo Clinic has gone mobile.                         #302- 885 Island Highway W
We will do house calls until we have located              French Creek Landing 
 a suitable location. The phone numbers are still:     T: 250-586-0443
T:250-751-8588                                                               F:250-586-0440
F:250-586-0440                                                               E: info@accuradentures.com
E: info@accuradentures.com                                      



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